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How can Manchester DAB help my radio service?

In May 2022, Manchester DAB was awarded a multiplex operator’s licence for Manchester.

We are currently building our transmission infrastructure so that over a million people can receive our digital DAB radio signals. In the coming months radio services will be able to approach Manchester DAB and register their interest in having their programming carried on this brand-new radio multiplex. Click on the REGISTER page to find out more.

As part of your contract with Manchester DAB a monthly fee is payable. This will relate to the cost of providing the DAB signal across both Manchester and Salford.

Other broadcaster information

Beyond your own studio and related operating costs, you’ll need a broadcasting licence from Ofcom [available on-demand]. This gives you permission to broadcast on a radio multiplex such as ours.

If you are a community group based within our coverage area you can simply apply to the regulator for a standard community Digital Sound Programme licence (called a C-DSP licence). As a local service serving the Manchester community, we will charge C-DSPs  preferentially low rates of charge.

More details here:

Commercially orientated radio services need to apply to Ofcom for a DSP Licence.

More details here:

Ofcom charges the same fees for C-DSP and DSP licences. The application cost is £250 while the licence fee is £100 per annum, thereafter.

Finally, as the multiplex operator, we ask you to provide a fully ‘broadcast ready’ audio stream to our designated input address(es). 

If a station needs technical support, there may be a charge.

A small administrative charge may also apply.

Manchester DAB is not a broadcaster but a provider of transmission facilities for radio services and those who want to broadcast to our area – Manchester.

By remaining independent we are in a position to ensure that each of those who operate the radio services we carry will be treated fairly and openly. This will be reflected in our trading policy.

If you are interested, please go to the REGISTER page.